Plaques spécifiques Specific panels
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Plaques pour sérigraphie Silkscreen panels
Emballage malin Smart packaging
Plaques pour le bâtiment Panels for the building

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Specific panels

Plaques spécifiques

The use of corrugated polypropylene sheet is possible in all areas of activity. It is the ideal product for specific needs that require requirements.

Alvéolar is characterized by a very great industrial flexibility, which allows us to make production changes at any time and thus to accommodate the requirements of our customers. In short, we can deliver the quality, quantity you want, where you want it, and when you want it.

Recognized for its seriousness and skills, Alvéolaire is chosen by its customers for its manufacturing responsiveness. Alveolaire can meet the fairest and strictest deadlines. Alveolaire stands out for its speed of production and also of delivery. Being located in the heart of Europe.

Specific applications

  • transparent
  • colors
  • anti slip
  • crush resistance
  • lamination
  • flame retardant
  • antistatic
  • more

Overview of some recent applications made

Product specification details