Plaques pour le bâtiment Plates for the building
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Plaques pour sérigraphie Silkscreen panels
Plaques spécifiques Specific panels
Emballage malin Smart Packaging

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Plates for the building….. different from the others

Protect your investment in construction and renovation projects with PP corrugated protection panels.

Many of today's construction and renovation projects require protection of floors, walls, doors and other surfaces throughout construction. Lightweight, strong and easy-to-handle corrugated polypropylene protection panels are used to protect these surfaces during the construction stages thus preventing costly repairs, replacements and cleaning services. Corrugated, recyclable sheets can also be used in many other applications construction.

These sheets are available in a wide range of formats, colors and densities. We can help you determine the quality required for your needs, or develop a suitable and personal solution to meet your request.

Overview of some recent protection panel applications.

Standard grades and sizes can be found on our specification page. Non-standard formats, of different qualities and/or colors are available on request.

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