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Smart packaging for a healthy world

corrugated Polypropylene packaging protects and allows the transport of a wide variety of products,  from  automotive components to assembly sites, from vegetables to horticultural greenhouses.

Being an independent manufacturer of PP corrugated sheets allows us to control design, production and quality at all stages of the manufacturing process. This allows us to be very flexible and responsive to the most special requests.

Our very wide range of packaging solutions gives our customers a lot of possibilities. Customers can choose from our available solutions or own their own packaging, from design to prototyping .

Do not hesitate to contact us for your packaging, storage and packaging needs. Ask us about our products and services.

Specific protection and packaging – recyclable, hygienic and flexible

Alvéolaire develops and produces ideal solutions for specific packaging or protection during the process. We can provide standard or custom-made products in close-to-unlimited dimensions and qualities, with or without treatment such as flame retardant, antistatic, anti UV and we can recycle them after use by our customers when they have been sorted and grouped together.

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Returnable “shuttle” packaging – durable, resistant, with a good return on investment

Shuttle boxes are reusable, resistant, clean, light and easy to handle packaging. They are cost effective and intended to protect your product during delivery and storage. Available in an almost unlimited range, they can be re-flattened to minimize storage and return transport costs.

Our reusable packaging offers many advantages over injected boxes and the like. With much more affordable tooling prices, we can quickly produce bespoke, complex and cost-effective packaging. Our machine park allows us to produce the finished product entirely, we can offer you an almost unbeatable delivery speed.

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From standard to customizable – adaptable to all your requirements

Choose an already made design available from our portfolio of crates, trays, stackable containers, including a range of accessories such as injected handles or patented corners. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your application, we will surely already have a packaging that will be suitable for your use.

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Overview of recent packaging achievements.

Overview of the technical specificities of the packaging.

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